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Our Services

At LARSON CUSTOM HOMES, Inc., we have a broad range of experience that allows us to offer services in many areas.

1. New Home Construction

Dean Larson is a second generation builder who has participated in the construction of over 200 homes, from starters to luxury custom. Our custom home services range from building stock plans to designing and building custom homes. Visit our Building your Custom Home page to become familiar with the construction process and to understand what you can expect when working with LARSON CUSTOM HOMES, Inc.

2. Remodels and Additions

Our extensive knowledge of the home construction process gives us unique perspective and insight into the remodel end of the home construction business. Blending our 30 years of experience with our technical background and problem-solving track record, we have been able to consistently develop creative solutions to our clients’ remodel needs. See our Remodels and Additions page for further information on remodels/additions and the process you can expect when working with LARSON CUSTOM HOMES, Inc.

3. Home Care and Repair

We believe that proper maintenance and timely repairs are essential to good home health. We have a comprehensive understanding of how the different aspects of your home work together to create a safe, healthy and attractive home. Preventative maintenance and care are the best ways to protect your most important investment. Additional information can be found on our Ongoing Home Care page.

4. Additional Services Offered

  • Construction Consulting: If you are uncertain as to the viability of a building or remodel project, LARSON CUSTOM HOMES, Inc. can provide construction consulting on an hourly fee basis to help you analyze the financial impacts and the structural feasibility of proposed projects.
  • Plan Development: LARSON CUSTOM HOMES, Inc. will develop and draw custom plans for you.
  • Financing: Through our network of lenders, we will help you find sources of financing.
  • Interior Design: Should you choose to do so, we can refer you to our experienced interior designer who can help you select and coordinate anything from colors and countertops to flooring and hardware.

At LARSON CUSTOM HOMES, Inc., we believe in client education and participation. Over the years, our clients have repeatedly spoken of the excitement of being involved in the construction process as well as the enjoyment and satisfaction of seeing their ideas unfold.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our services. At LARSON CUSTOM HOMES, Inc., we are proud of our product and the appreciation expressed by our clients. Our desire is to build quality homes and to have satisfied clients. We strive to make your experience with us enjoyable for everyone!

Thank You,